Tom McDonagh is an artist working with light and movement. At MOG I have developed a new prototype of a spacial mechanism which will eventually be used to make a light artwork.
Attila is an artistic director from Budapest who creates puppets and stop-motion animations. Previously he worked on theatre performances using various forms of puppetry and live-action.
Copper Sounds will have their usual multi turntable set up spinning copper records, rocks and clay pots, extracting and manipulating the native and otherwise dormant sounds of these objects. The extra feature for this exhibition is the DIY sound lathe that has been developed over the last 8 weeks of MOG to cut live dub plates which may or may not have audio playback but will definitely give a visual representation of what you are hearing.'
The Abel Artist presents Live Sculpture. A presentation and exploration of objects in space, mixing mediums and playing with perceptions of Art, LIVE Sculpture is a moment of living artwork.
Adriana Meirelles, Brazilian stopmotion animator that experiment with organic materials mixed with motion graphics.
Hanna Habermann will be performing "On Space off home" a theatre in a suitcase about a personal history if space. Come see it at 5pm at "Moving Object Group Presents" Saturday 1 Dec, PRSC, Bristol . .
Paul O'Dowd builds and programs robots to investigate drawing and how robots are perceived.
Words and photos can't really describe Richard Fox's latest interactive inflatable.
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